FILTERS - textile sleeve and patron filters are designed for the filtration of solid pollutants
   FANS - radial high pressure and mid-pressure fans are directly driven by electric motors or by a coupling or via a pulley
   CYCLONES - CLE and CLE HD vortex separators are designed for coarse separation of solid particles
   ROTATING FEEDER - are designed for feeding dry materials and for the separation of part of the HVAC equipment at different static pressures
   PNEUTRANSPORT - for dry and non-adhesive materials
   MATERIAL TRANSPORT - for the transport of dry and non-adhesive materials in horizontal or downward directions
   HVAC DUCTWORK - is designed for connecting individual HVAC elements, systems and equipment
   STEEL STRUCTURES - are designed for the use in various industries – also as part of other pieces of equipment
   TEXTILES - for use in filter equipments
   COMPENSATIONS - for elimination of changes of the length of piping caused by the difference of the mounting and operating temperatures
   OTHERS - products designed by our technical department following customers´ requests