Since the very beginning our company has placed significant emphasis on the development and technical preparations for manufacturing. This led to the establishment of the Technical Department. Additional personnel and the establishment of a shared Technical Department allowed the company to reach a position where it is able to secure the complete development of new machinery and equipment, structures, project design activities and documentation in a number of areas in addition to HVAC. Our Technical Department focuses on the development of individual sections or structural elements as well as on complete production lines. We use professional software for 3D model project design, Autodesk Inventor, in out work. The creation of a 3D model allows for very flexible reactions to any changes in project design. We use AutoCAD when producing 2D designs as the DWG format is the standard for 2D project design.
You can contact our Technical Department for any of the following areas:
- Securing the complete development of a new product
- Project design for production line machinery and equipment
- Elaboration of construction documentation
- Elaboration of technical procedures
- Elaborating technical specifications for machinery and equipment; service guides and replacement part catalogues
- Elaborating supporting materials and cooperation during product certification