A belt conveyor is designed for feeding dry and non-adhesive materials at temperatures up to 170 °C depending on the belt material used wherein the recommended ambient temperature is from -25°C to +70°C. A huge advantage is dimensional variability. Belt conveyors are a construction structure composed of modules with a maximum individual length of 3m. The individual modules are composed of a quadrant with a flange for connections. At one end the drive station with a drive cylinder anchored in bearings is secured. On the other end is the tipple end in which the tensioning cylinder anchored in bearings is located. Both ends of the conveyor are enclosed by end elements. The entire conveyor can be covered using a removable cover. The structure of individual modules is load-bearing and is produced from Class 11 steel. The belt conveyor has independent drive. The electric transmission is attached director to the console at the extended end of the shaft. Transmission performance depends on working conditions. A safety line with a lanyard switch is installed on both sides of the conveyor over the entire length of the conveyor to secure the conveyor in the event of any danger. Transported materials can enter onto the conveyor at any location over the length of the conveyor. These are carried by the conveyor to the end station for the hopper where the material then freefalls off the conveyor. The belt conveyor is based on consoles at module connection locations. Each console can be supplemented with legs if requested b the customer. Electrical connections must meet the conditions in STN (Slovak Technical Standard) 33 2000-3. A belt conveyor can be used both indoors and outdoors. Recommended belt conveyor pitch is set to a maximum of 20° for a smooth belt. This position can also be influenced by the structure of the carried material. A belt conveyor cannot be used to carry materials that dimensionally cannot pass through the final section of the hopper.

Main components

1. Drive station
2. Tensioning station
3. Body module 3m (multiple use possible)
4. Body module 2m (multiple use possible)
5. Body module 1m (multiple use possible)
6. End piece 1
7. End piece 2