HVAC Ductwork

HVAC ductwork and accessories are designed for connecting individual HVAC elements, systems and equipment.
Air containing abrasive solids are carried in the ductwork at temperatures dependant on the type of material carried from -20 to 1100°C at pressures or suction from roughly -7 500 to +10 000 Pa.
EKOTECHNA s.r.o. produces and installs a wide range of Class II and III ductwork in dimensions and parameters that correspond to the characteristics of the carried material. Materials used during manufacturing include:
• Class 11 steel - structural steel with heat resistance up to 320°C,
• Class 14 steel - boiler class steel with heat resistance up to 400°C,
• Class 17 Steel - chemical and corrosion resistant with heat resistance up to
1 150°C,
• Special wear resistant steel – Hardox, Vautit and Castolin for abrasive environments.
Ductwork system components are manufactured and provided as separate installation elements that are connected by straight or angles flanges depending on pursuant standards and are composed of straight piping, angled pieces, y-pipes, tees and other accessories with diameters from DN 100 to DN 5000 mm.
HVAC accessories are composed of compensators, dampening inserts, regulation and backflow dampers, gates, exhaust heads, noise dampeners, ventilation bells and other components.
The surface finish is executed as a primer layer of anti-corrosion paint; a specific surface coating or a surface treatment before the final surface finish can be agreed in advance.


Round or rectangular flanges are used to connect HVAC line components and elements. Flanges are produced in dimensions from 100 to 5000mm.
Round or rectangular flanges are produced from flat sheets or from L profile angle steel.
- Round flanges up to a diameter of 110 mm are fired
- Round flanges from 110 to 280 mm in diameter or pressed
- Flanges over a diameter of 280 mm are formed
Flanges are produced following standards and can be custom made upon request. We deliver the flanges without any surface finish or with a basic primer coating and possible pre-coating surface treatment.