RVE - P 315 to 1600 radial fans - single direction ventilation

RVE - P 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000 1250 and 1600 fans are high pressure fans with direct drive electric motors. Direct drive means that the fan wheel is anchored directly to the electrical motor shaft. Eight various fan wheels can be used to expand fan performance (wheels numbered 1 to 8). Regulation accessories can also be connected to the fans. The fan chamber is welded and there is an access panel at the lowest point. An inspection opening is located in the fan chamber. The fans and electrical motors are placed on a common table. They are anchored directly to a concrete base or a flexible base using vibration dampers (silent blocks). The fans are produced in two forms: normal or armoured. Armoured fans have a strengthened fan wheel and the fan chamber is reinforced with a hardened steel insert. Fan wheels are dynamically balanced so the performance losses and foundation vibrations are kept to a minimum.

High pressure RVE - P radial fans for single direction ventilation are used industrially in power plants, thermal plants, cement facilities, lime facilities, rock quarries, filtration equipment and wherever their parameters and finishes best apply. Normal fans are used for moving clean air or air carrying fine, solid or pollutant materials and armoured fans are used to move air carrying abrasive materials. The fans cannot be used to move air carrying explosive or corrosive materials or air containing fibrous dust or other air mixtures with strongly adhesive materials. The fans are air tight and for this reason they can be used to move air containing hazardous materials and odour causing substances.

Operational conditions
Direct drive fans in normal finish can only move clean air without abrasive content at temperatures from -20°C to +70°C. Fans with a different motor connection in normal finish can only move clean air without abrasive content at temperatures from -20°C to +250°C. Armoured fans can carry air with abrasive content at the same temperatures as for fans in normal finish. Fans sized from 800 to 1250 with a heat shield can be used as smoke fans at temperatures up to +400°C. The fans meet the conditions for carrying exhaust air in environments without an explosion hazard (BNV - ČSN 33 2320) at temperatures from -20°C to +40°C. If the fans are located in open, outdoor locations the motors are protected by a small structure to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, rain and snow. This motor cover can be supplied as an accessory. Fans can only be operated following manufacturer confirmed conditions and pursuant to the data shown in the fan nameplate.

Main and connection dimensions for RVE - P direct drive fans

Main components

Fan markings
Example fan markings: RVE fan, P - direct drive, size: 630, with fan wheel no. 3, N- normal finish, position of fan chamber L90°, temperature of carried air: up to +100°C, with regulation equipment for control with a hand level and with electric motor: 1LA7164-2AA66 – revolutions: 1460 / min.

Fan wheel number
The number of the fan wheel for each individual size of fan is stipulated depending on the size and layout of the fan; this number can be between 1 and 8 and is defined by the diameter of the fan wheel and the number of fan blades.

Fan finishes
Fan finish is marked with the following letters:
- normal finish fans  – N
- armoured finish fans – P

Layout of the fan chamber
The layout of the fan chamber and the direction in which the fan wheel spins is determined based on the direction in which the fan ventilates the air.
See possible layouts in the figure:

Cooling methods
The manner of cooling the fan bearings is controlled by the temperature of the air moved. It is marked using the second accessory number following the numbering standard:
- From  0°C to +100°C without a cooling coil  - .+1
- From +100°C to +250°C with a cooling coil   - .+2
- From +250°C to +400°C with a large cooling coil - .+3 (size: 1250)
- From +250°C to +400°C with a heat shield  - .+4 (sizes: 800 and 1000)

If output regulation is required then regulation equipment marked as R1, R2, S1 or S2 can be provided.
- Control lever control – R
- Control lever control with electric actuator – S
- Level location – 1 or 2

Performance ranges for RVE 315 - 630 fans - at constant revolutions

Performance ranges for RVE 800 - 1250 fans - at constant revolutions