Ekotechna s.r.o. Prešov
Ľubochnianska 8, (Šarišské lúky)
080 06 Ľubotice

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Our contact telephone number :
Main office.: +421 (0) 51 74 71 120
Fax : +421 (0) 51 74 71 153

Main office e-mail: ekotechna@ekotechna.sk
Company ID (IČO) : 31737625
Tax ID (DIČ) : 2020005449
VAT ID (SK DIČ) : SK2020005449
Ekotechna s.r.o. Prešov

is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality industrial HVAC equipment. It focuses on complete solutions for HVAC systems and dust collection systems from consulting services, project design, manufacturing and delivery on through to warrantee and post-warrantee service. Ekotechna s.r.o. Prešov was established in1991 and has a team of experienced employees with a modern manufacturing facility. The company is a holder of ISO2001 Quality Certification. The company's vision is to be continuously competitive and to offer interesting prices to suppliers of industrial HVAC equipment and to adapt the company's products and services flexibly to customer needs.

- Filters
- Filtration materials
- Fans
- Cyclones - vortex separators
- Rotating feeders
- Conveyors
- Group II and III HVAC ductwork and accessories
- Steel structures

- Project design
- Erection
- Filter service
- Textile diagnostics
- Fan diagnostics
- International transport

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